Cat head plush


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Recommended for kittens, young cats and cats living alone, the soft toy is an effective accessory to fight against the stress associated with loneliness.

Indeed, the plush confers a large number of advantages for your little feline:

Facilitates adaptation when arriving in a new home or a new congener
Excellent remedy for stress related to loneliness
Allows you to express social behaviors (scratching, biting, etc.)
Reduces the risk of onset of aggressive behavior, destruction and uncleanliness
The Trixie brand cat head soft toy contains catnip and is made with a crunchy fabric to effectively encourage your pet to use the toy.

Cat head plush
Plush made from high quality polyester fabric
Resistant material for a long duration of use
Crisp fabric to arouse your cat’s curiosity
Includes bows and rattle to stimulate your pet
Significantly reduces stress
Ideal for adapting to a new environment or the arrival of a new congener
Avoid the anxiety of loneliness
Impregnated with catnip (Nepeta ), a plant with an attractive effect for the cat which will encourage your pet to use the plush
Color: WHITE and BROWN


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