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This toy will allow your little rodent to move around in a fun way.

Installed in this exercise ball, he will be able to walk around your house freely. You won’t risk losing it and it will have a great time visiting the place.


A small hole in the middle of the openings allows you to fix the ball in the cage of your little companion.

Are grooming sessions a headache?

It’s over ! Once in his ball you can shower him quietly.

Quality and Safety

Made from high quality and very durable recycled plastic, this playful ball is non-toxic and odorless for your rodent.

It has ventilation holes for good air circulation.

A ball suitable for hamsters, mice and gerbils.
In summary

Allows your rodent to leave its cage to walk around the house in complete freedom and safety.
2 in 1: exercise while playing.
Made with safe and non-toxic materials.
Ventilation holes for good air supply.
The exercise ball is available in 2 diameters:

10cm and 12cm
In pink or blue… the choice is yours and…

… let’s go for long hours of fun!


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