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To avoid behavioral problems caused by confinement, it is essential to take your small rodent out of its cage daily.

Providing a playground for your loulou contributes to his good health and well-being.

An ideal recreation area to fight against boredom, obesity while participating in the awakening of your faithful four-legged friend.

Usable in all seasons

This activity park can be installed both indoors and outdoors to offer your little companion a space to exercise and have fun.


This park can also be used to isolate your pet in a room.

This foldable rodent enclosure is very easy to store without taking up space. You can even take it with you on vacation or weekends.

The mesh walls allow good air circulation and give your  the opportunity to observe its surroundings.

The floor is waterproof for easy cleaning.

Thanks to this small modular enclosure, you will offer a nice play area to your small rodent: guinea pig, rabbit, dwarf rabbit, hamster…

Don’t forget to place a few toys inside the playpen, to provide sources of distraction for your pet!


When using the playpen outdoors, do not leave your small animals unprotected in the sun.
Never leave your pets unattended in their enclosure.


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