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Your little feathered companion will be able to drink at will even in your absence.

Its design is specially designed for species with a hooked beak.

High quality

Made of high quality plastic, it is non-toxic and does not retain bad odors.

In order to guarantee the health of your bird, the container meets food contact standards.

Easy to use

This water container can be easily installed at any height on the cage and is very easy to adjust.

You can clip it easily thanks to its fastening system which allows you to attach it to the vertical bars of a cage, outside or inside. Ideal for easy filling.

The transparent tank allows you to see if there is enough water for your pet bird.

Also suitable as a feeder. A feed scoop is supplied with the drinker to make it easier to fill.

This waterer is suitable for small birds such as parrots, parakeets, cockatiels, , finches…

4 capacities to choose from:

60ml – 90ml – 140ml – 150ml (with cap)
In summary

Easy filling
Easy to clean
Stand included


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