Gray Mouse Soft Toy


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In order to alleviate boredom and frustration, especially if your pet has limited access to the outdoors, it is strongly advised to set up a living space filled with different accessories to express as many specific behaviors as possible.

The mouse is an ideal toy for your pet because:

The accessory ensures physical expenditure and the development of agility
The mouse helps to awaken the predation instinct to emit hunting behaviors
The toy significantly reduces stress through periods of play
The device allows an interactive distraction session
Containing catnip in the form of catnip, the Gray Mouse Plush effectively stimulates your pet.

Gray Mouse soft toy for cats and kittens
Made of polyester material of great softness and robustness
Trains agility and skill
Allows the expression of specific predation behaviors
Contains catnip in the form of catnip to attract your cat
Avoid boredom and frustration
Grey color


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