Set of gnawing toys


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Toys that will quickly prove essential for your little trickster and that combine business with pleasure!

Shred, nibble, throw, chew…everything is allowed!

Multifunctional toys: for fun and gnawing

To allow him to wear out his teeth
A mammal needs to chew daily to promote the natural wear of its teeth while satisfying its natural instinct to nibble.

These rodent toys promote wear and tear on their teeth to stay healthy.

To entertain him
Constantly locked in its cage, your fur needs to exert itself and practice physical exercises. This toy set will allow him to keep busy for long hours and thus prevent him from getting bored.

High quality

Made with natural materials, this occupation toy poses no danger to your pet. This toy is specially designed for rodents.

There is no risk of injury for him. Your pet will have fun in complete safety.

Set of 9 rodent toys:

3 wooden sticks with straw
1 straw carrot
1 straw vegetable


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